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Web Design

A Successful Web Site Begins With Its Design. 
Successful web site design takes much more than a few words and pictures. We don't believe in leaving web design to halfhearted guesswork. Soliciting and collecting information from you gives us a head start in your web design. 

We view site creation as an ongoing process. Being flexible in our approach aids us in designing each site on a custom basis. We strive to custom design your web site based on your current and future requirements. This way a web design can be easily given a face lift or edited to make way for future demands. 

First Contact 
There is no pressure, no sales pitch, our first contact with you is simply to facilitate an exchange of information. At the outset of any web design project the first item of information we like to have is who we're working with. We encouraged you to give us an idea of what your business is all about and who you are. 

Be sure to tell us how we can help you achieve the web design results you expect. From first contact to final web site publishing we encourage you to communicate your needs to us at all times. 

Web Design Presence 
A well planned internet presence is crucial to your web site's success. Look at the big picture. Here are some things to consider: 

  • What is your big message? 
  • What point are you looking to get across to your viewers? 
  • How would you like that main point to be presented? 
  • How will your web site be used? 
  • Will it be an informative site to tell the world about your products or services? 
  • An entertainment site for web surfers amusement? 
  • What is your target audience? 
  • Who do you want your web site to appeal to? 
  • What do you want your web site to do? 

Site Navigation 
Perhaps one of the more important issues during the early stage of web site design is the logical presentation of information. What information do you want your web site to contain, how do you want it presented. Placement of content information and how it is presented can make or break a site. 

We encourage our clients to think about the aspects of the information content their web site will contain. How this information will be presented and accessed by viewers of their web site is important. In what logical sequence do you want the content of your site to be presented to viewers? What topics, sub-topics? We will custom design your web site navigation to include and present information in a clear and concise manner. 

Web Site Functionality 
What kind of functionality will your site require? How about how many email addresses, how many web pages; will you need web-based forms for uploading information, files, etc? Will there be a need for any kind of "dynamic" content on your site? Will anything need password protection? 

Consider what your business needs, and how these ideas could help benefit your web site. Computer Information Systems works with you to discover what your present and future web design needs are. Knowing what your needs are and the level of service you require will drastically reduce your costs. We work hard, so you don't have to. 

Hosting Services 
At present we provide domain name and hosting services through a third party provider. This allows us to concentrate on web site design. We have no commercial links to our selected provider. This allows us to provide you with the best possible design and development solution. 

From experience we know that the most immediate web site hosting solution is not always the correct one for our clients. For instance, it is not prudent to pay for 300 mail boxes and 300Gb of bandwidth if not required. At Computer Information Systems we provide a one stop web presence solution for all your needs. If you have a previous domain name and hosting service already in place, we can update it. If you don't we can provide it. 

Estimated Costs 
Once you have contacted us and an outline for your site has been agreed upon we will provide you with an estimate of all the costs included to have your site published. There is no cost to you associated with this estimate. 

We believe that we provide the most cost effective custom web design solution throughout Grenada. We pass on savings to you by looking at the overall aspects and difficulty of web site creation rather than zoning in on the smaller less relevant areas such as graphics, number of pages and word count. 

Contract & Payment 
Work will commence on your web site as soon as you have accepted our proposed estimate. A contract will be issued to you for signing. Domain name and web site hosting facilities will then be secured. The estimated cost will be due for payment upon contract signing. 

Further payments in the form of recurring expenses, for example, domain name registration and hosting fees, will also be paid upon contract signing. 

Web Design Drafts 
A web presence in most cases is an online extension of an off-line business. In order to maintain your corporate identity it is important that you provide us with any text, photos, graphics etc. that you want included on your web site. This will include items such as personal photos, company logos, references, phone numbers etc.. This provides us the opportunity to perform any custom retouches required. 

A web site draft will then be created for your viewing. This will include all of the major aspects of your web presence such as content, navigation, page layout, scripting, color scheme and any custom banners or logos. 

At this stage we will seek your recommendations as to which, if any, changes are required. This client feedback will be used to create a final draft. Once this is viewed and consultation takes place with you, finishing touches will be applied to the design. 

Your custom web design will be pre-configured during the early drafts to ensure that your site is search engine friendly and well received by the majority of today's Internet search engines. 

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